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Pattern #162
This quilt was designed using Maywood Studios Wild Rose fabric collection. The unusual set of the blocks creates an unique look for the basic fan block. I restyled the fan block for this quilt and it can be either template of paper pieced. The only applique piece on the block is the quarter circle at the bottom of the fans. This quilt would look great in a plain black or white background combined with mottled fabrics such as Shadow Play, Bali's, Marbles, Hand Paints, etc.

Quilt Size 92" x 115"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #161
Here is a striking quilt using only 6 colors of Shadow Play fabric plus Black Magic by Maywood Studios. For this quilt I took a block from my Mosaic bargello quilt and made an unusual alternate block to give the quilt a geometric floral type of look without any flowers. This is a paper pieced pattern.

Quilt Size 81" x 101"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #153
I named this quilt Play Ball as when it was finished it reminded me of the colorful blowup beach balls we had as children. This is a very simple, quick to make quilt which is a great way to use up your scrap fabrics. I used 52 different fabrics in my quilt but you can use as many as you want or as little as just 5 different fabrics. The instructions are included for a 78" square Bed Topper or a 90" x 108" Queen Quilt. You can vary your size to fit your needs by the number of blocks that you make.

Bed Topper size 78" x 78"
Queen size 90" x 108"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #152
This quilt is the second in my series of quick quilts. It is comprised of nine twisted square blocks which are template pieced and what I call a piano keyed border. It was made using Flannel fabrics by Maywood Studios but would look great in any fabric you choose.

Quilt:  86" x 86"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #151
Peaches and Cream is my first Quick Quilt design. From time to time we all need a bed sized quilt that we can make up fast that will look great. This quilt is template pieced. Although I made it using Flannel Fabrics it will look great in any fabric of your choice.

Quilt:  81" x 81"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #149
This template pieced quilt is made with 2 different blocks to create this unique design. I used a border print collection called Full Sun by Maywood Studios. The pattern includes instructions for the following sizes:

Bed topper 83" x 83" (shown)
Twin 83" x 107"
Queen 95" x 107"
King 107" x 107"

Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #148
This strip pieced quilt is made using 2 different 12" blocks which combined gives an interesting look. I used a new Border Print with co-ordinates by Maywood Studios called Leaves. The pattern includes all four sizes including a Bed topper 80" Square, Twin size 80' x 104", Queen size 92" x 104" and Kings Size 104" square. Any of these sizes can be made larger by adding blocks to the sides and bottom to fit the new thicker mattress sizes if you wish.

Sizes Topper (shown), Twin, Queen & King
Price:  $9.00

Pattern #147
This quilt makes a great bed topper. It was designed using a new Flannel fabric line called Romance by Maywood Studios. They also make the same line of fabric in regular yardage as well so you can use either. Or use any other border print fabric with matching co-ordinates. The way I set the diamond blocks in this quilt seems to make the star look like it is spinning. It is a template pieced design with fussy cut background blocks and triangles.

Quilt:  70" x 70"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #141
Zig Zag is a fun quilt to make. It sews together very fast with all strip piecing. (No Template work.) It was designed for a fabric line called Cho Cho by Maywood Fabrics. It would also make a great scrappy quilt to use up some of your fabric stash allowing you to play and experiment with fabrics and colors.

Quilt:  69" x 75"
Pattern Price:  $6.50

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