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Pattern #145
This Bargello quilt was designed using shades of Lavender, Blue and Green. It is easily made by sewing panels in specific color sequences and then re-cutting them into specified strip widths which are sewn together to make a row of the quilt following a printed color chart. It is surrounded by a border of blocks which are also strip pieced.

Quilt:  78" x 87"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #144
Twist is the simplest of all my Bargello Patterns to make. All the cuts and re-cuts are the same measurement 1 1/2". Very outstanding in its Rainbow colors. Pattern contains a colored sewing chart for the Center Panel and the Borders with written instructions.

Quilt:  71" x 87"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #143
Shields is an unusual Bargello Style design as it is made in a multiple of 24" blocks. The pattern includes instructions for 3 Sizes, Bed Topper 66" x 90", Queen 90" x 114", and King 114" Square.

Quilt:  66" x 90"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #142
Diamond Lites is a unique Bargello Design that is made in a multiple of two 12" mirror imaged Blocks. These mirror imaged blocks when sewn together and turned as directed form the diamond and pillow patterns automatically. The pattern also includes instructions for 3 sizes. A Bed Topper 66" x 90", Queen Size 90" x 114" and King Size 114" Square.

Quilt:  66" x 90"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #140
Springtime is a new 4-way Bargello style design. It was made using the Shadowplay Collection by Maywood Fabrics. Although it is made of small pieces it goes pretty fast using my strip piecing technique.

Quilt:  67" x 67"
Pattern Price:  $9.50

Pattern #139
Here is the third pattern in my series of strip pieced Bargello Designs. This vibrating design is made with the Shadowplay line of fabrics by Maywood Studios or you can use up some of your stash to make it more personally yours.

Quilt:  59" x 63"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #138
This is the second quilt in my series of Bargello Style Strip Pieced Designs. The patterns for these designs contain a color printed material list to help in your selection of fabrics.

Quilt:  66" x 66"
Pattern Price:  $9.00

Pattern #137
Links is a strip pieced quilt reminiscent of bargello quilts. It was designed using the Shadowplay collection by Maywood Studios.

Quilt:  48" x 66"
Pattern Price:  $8.50

Pattern #135
This Quilt is made with my strip piecing technique in 6" block units. After the units are assembled, the decorative appliques are added.

Quilt:  54" x 54"
Pattern Price:  $10.00

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